What is VPN? How does VPN work? Is It Safe For US?

VPN stands for Virtual Privet network.

We all know the name of VPN. Many of us think that VPN means free internet or something like that, actually VPN Nothing like that. Mainly VPN makes for a secure and private network for privacy. Let's talk about VPN today.


What is VPN

What is VPN?

VPN is a virtual private network. It creates a secure connection between our network and other networks. It helps to protect your information and hide your identity while browsing sensitive websites or information.

 We all use the internet; the internet is a vast means of exchanging information. Since it is a public network, there is a chance or risk if stolen or leaked information. And to avoid this chance or risk, VPN is created a private network for us.

 Why use VPN?

Vpn is a trendy application or software of the present time. Mainly VPN Is used for data protection. Surprise! Let's face it -

 When we search for something from our browser or use a site, our ISP or internet service provider can see what we are using.

 But when you use a VPN, your data will be encrypted and passed in a hidden way, and then your ISP will not be able to see your search history or user history.

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Because the ISP will not be able to access that private network. It also protects us from hackers when we use public WiFi.

 Again, if your ISP (ISP - Internet service provider) has blocked a site, you can safely enter that site using VPN. Our data is encrypted through a VPN or virtual network, which makes it not visible to ISP.

But - we know that Facebook and Google were banned in China; now, if anyone from China wants to use Facebook or Google, he can take the help of VPN. VPN hides our actual IP address and shows the different IP addresses, making it difficult to track users using it.


How secure is VPN?

Nothing in this online world is 100% secure, but there are some VPN services that people can rely on. And if you can't rely on that, you can create a private VPN server and use VPN yourself, even though it is costly.

However, it is rumored that Google will develop a VPN service where VPN private servers can be used for free.


Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of VPN VPN -

 Advantages of VPN -

  1. We will be able to exchange our information through VPN usage securely.
  2. VPN hides our IP address, making it safe from hackers.
  3. We can hide our actual location by using a virtual network. So that I can take access to different sites if necessary.
  4. Get more speed than the internet speed set by the ISP or internet service provider. (Not all VPNs)
  5. The data we send via VPN is encrypted, so the public domain is hidden and cannot trace our browsing history.


Disadvantages of VPN - code: VPN

Where it is good, there is terrible; this is normal; VPN has advantages and disadvantages. If we change the location, again and again, using VPN, there is a possibility of blocking our account. Furthermore, the use of low-quality or useless VPNs can lead to data theft. So we should always use a good VPN.


Below are some excellent VPN VPN names you can try -



VPN for Android Android VPN Fr Android -


 Have you ever used a VPN? However, you can comment on which VPN you have used.


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